Keys to Local Search Engine Optimization

The world of Internet marketing is constantly changing. It is hard for a business to stay on top of the best practices for Internet marketing because they are constantly changing. It is almost impossible for the local-based business to know what they must do for good local search engine optimization. Back in the day, a local business could give a reasonable attempt at doing local SEO. However, that is no longer the case. For a business to succeed in the local search results, they need to hire a professional, whose job it is to stay on top of the changing landscape in the local search world.

The Importance of Anchoring to Local Aspects

In order to gain top rankings in the local search, it is important that a business anchor in their website to local aspects. For example, making sure that the business name, address, local phone, etc., are all listed on their website is important. It is also important that this same information be found across the Internet, especially on local-driven directories. These physical things help to show the relevance for a business to show up in the local results when someone from that area does a search.

Get Links from Local Sources

Not only does a business need to have links coming to the website, but they need a fair amount of links coming from other websites that are from the area as well. For example, a link on a personal blog from someone living in the area is a great link. A link from the local chamber of commerce is another great example. Lastly, a link from other local businesses in the area is a great way to establish the relevance of each business to show up for searches in the area.

The IP Address

The last trick tolocal search engine optimization is having a website hosted locally, on an IP address that can be tracked to the area, will help solidify the location of the associated business to the website and thus, the relevance of the website for local searches. This is sometimes the toughest hurdle for a business because things are already set up. However, this is a great social signal to send to the search engines. 

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