A Pet Story


He’s really not a mouse. He’s a Hamster and his real name is Diego. But Diego is not a he…he is a “she” … Long story! So let’s just call her Yeahgo!

AB&Me Pet

A friend of mine bought Yeahgo as pet for her kids. After a few weeks, they found out that the hamster was pregnant (that’s why we now know its a she). But because the kids loved playing with the hamster (and by “playing”, I mean shaking the cage and stuff), she got so stressed she ate her babies!! That’s when my friend decided to give the hamster away. 

I took the pet hamster in because my sister loved pets and I miss her so much. When we were young, we had lots of pets in the house. All of my sister’s pets died, unfortunately. Except for the cats. They just kept multiplying and they refused to be trained so they kinda loitered around the village. We also had dogs and birds. We learned that birds and cats do not go together. Same thing with cats and the hamsters. 

 As for the dogs, we gave up on taking care of them. They were too much work for us, kids. Bathing them took so much effort and we would always forget to buy dog treats. So the grown-ups took over the dogs.

How I wish I could have a dog now. I don’t think dogs are allowed in our apartment so we’ll just have to be contented with our Yeahgo! We’ve had her for almost a year now so I guess she’s happy too. 🙂

Do you have pets?


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