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A, B and Me = Alvin (aka Tech Guy), Blake (The Little One) and Me — Sheila

A, B, and Me is a family expat blog based in Dubai. The blog was originally solely managed by Sheila since she had a lot of time on her hands. Eventually, life took over and the blog have had several incarnations. At the  moment, A B and Me is managed by Sheila and Alvin. The blog name — if in case you have not noticed — is a play on words A, B and Me = Alvin, Blake and Me (Sheila). 


Sheila – a beauty, fashion, lifestyle, mom, blogger. I used to write about a wide range of stuff happening on my daily life. But that was a long, long, time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I have since resigned to blogging on my own time and pace. In between working as a business development specialist by day and being a mom 24/7 to little B, the blog usually takes a back seat. But don’t worry, I always bounce back. 


Paramount Tours4Alvin – An IT by profession, I write about the tech stuff and sometimes helps on the back end of the blog platform. I also post about snippets of our personal life, travels and food adventures.







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