First of all, Eid Mubarak!
It’s the first day of work from a long weekend/holiday. I just realized that not planning where to go and what to do on long weekends is more expensive than having an actual plan!! I ended up busting (most) of my “screw you” fund because we kept going out, buying stuff and over eating. Maybe if we had just planned to go on a two day “staycation” we would have saved more.
Anyway, first day of work and a colleague brought these:

Egyptian Eid Cookies (aka Kahk). Kahk means biscuits/cookies in Arabic. Because I have very little knowledge in the Arab world/culture (yes, even if I’ve been here more than 10 years…), I had to google Kahk.

It is very delicious and sweet. I loved that the crust slightly crumbles when you bite on it and it has a nutty caramel filling inside. I found this blog that has a recipe for Kahk. 
On a side note … the conversation turned really funny when the colleague started offering me the cookies (at least it was funny for me. I think he did not realize how awkward the conversation sounded)
Guy: I have something.. its very nice. Have you tasted Kahk before?
Me: Huh? What?
G: Kahk. Arabic cookies. 
Me: ohhh.. uhmm, I don’t know. Maybe. or maybe not. 
G: I can’t believe you haven’t tasted Kahk!! Here, try mine. 
Me: ok?
Turns out, its really delicious so I thought I’d blog about it. So I decided to take photos. But I had to do it when the colleague went out of the room (coz I was shy to take photos.. you know). But as I was doing my photo shoot, he came back! I was so flustered that all I could say was:
Me: Oh, sorry. You caught me taking photos of your Kahk 
OMG!! I can’t believe I said that. I wanted the ground to swallow me whole. AWKWARD!!

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