House of Lechon Manok Latest Food Concept in Little Manila

One of our favourite dining venue has a new concept, House of Lechon Manok. Loosely translated, the name means House of Grilled Chicken

The House of Lechon Manok

An original concept, compared to other brands that are available in Little Manila. House of Lechon Manok uses charcoal to grill. Their specialty is chicken, but they also have a version of Liempo,  another famous grilled meat in the Philippines. Traditionally made with pork belly, House of Lechon Manok version is made of beef.

The Menu

I rated House of Lechon Manok 4.5 out of 5 based on presentation, quantity, taste and price. All of the items in the menu comes with a drink starting from the 10 AED Lechon Manok Wrap to a Lechon Manok Meal for 2 at 45 AED.

Lechon Manok Wrap – AED 10

Lengua in Mushroom Sauce

I was expecting it to be a little bit salty as most Filipino food are but for me, who has been advised by my cardiologist to watch my salt intake, I find the food to be in that sweet spot between taste and flavour with just the right amount salt. The meat is cooked to perfection. The chicken is cooked well but not dry. As for the Lechon Beef Liempo, if I hadn’t known that it’s beef, I would have thought that it’s another meat. It turns out that the chef has a secret technique that they use to prepare the beef before it is grilled.

Beef Lechon Liempo

Beef Lechon Paksiw

My favourite item in the menu is the Tenderloin Lechon Macau. The meat is so tender and it has that sweet, smoky flavour without all the fats. 

Beef Tenderloin Lechon Macau


They also serve desserts. Customers can choose from their own style of Halo-Halo from Fruitas, Brownies A la Mode, and Cinnamon A La Mode from Bread Shop. Other than the ice-cream, all other ingredients are either sourced locally or made in-house.

Brownie a la Mode from Bread Shop

To Wrap Things Up

If there is anything that they can do better with, I think it’s the Lechon Manok Wrap. For me, I would like to be given a choice on what sauce to put in the wrap. I think it’s good to have variety, like a choice between, lechon sauce, sesame sauce or even Mayo/Ketchup. I think to appeal to Western nationals, it will also be good with cranberry sauce.

House of Lechon Manok is located at Little Manila, Muraqqabat Street in Deira. We highly encourage you to pay them a visit for your “Pinoy Food” cravings to see for yourself!

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Bonus Tip!

Little Manila will be opening in new locations! Watch out of the official announcement via their Facebook Page: Little Manila ME

We were invited to the exclusive Chef’s Table event prior to the official launch of House of Lechon Manok. All opinion and commentaries are based on our own experience and remains uninfluenced. 

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