The Importance of Insurance

Never have I realized the importance of insurance until my recent health scare.

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My thumb saved my life

Back in April when I went to pick up “S” from work, I injured my thumb due to a random act of stupidity. I closed the car door with my back facing the door. I didn’t realize that my thumb is still holding the door edge, then boom! Goodbye thumbnail.

It wasn’t as painful but due to the swelling, I went and saw a General Practitioner. It was a weekend so I had to go to the emergency department. During the triage, they had to check my weight, my temperature and my blood pressure. At that time my BP was 160/120. It didn’t bother me then because the doctor told me that BP is usually high when in pain.

Long story short, I was given medication for the swelling and the pain. I was also told to monitor my sodium intake and my blood pressure.

I continued to check my BP using our machine at home and it was consistently at 140/120-ish. It’s been like that for a week and it is usually higher at night. I was already having random chest pains for almost 3 months before the thumb incident.

I was also informed that 2 brothers I knew back in the Philippines died within days apart due to heart failure. Both guys were fit as fit can be with no visible signs of fat. I got scared thinking that if someone as fit as they were can die of heart failure, I can too. So I immediately made a booking with a cardiologist.

Fixing a broken heart

So I went to see the cardiologist and they did the usual check — ECG, BP interview, etc. Because my BP was high, the doctor recommended an immediate 2D Echocardiogram. Then they saw that my heart was not functioning at full capacity and recommended an angiography to see why.

To get to the point

The hospital quoted 42,000 AED for the procedure.

That amount can already be considered a fortune. It’s a good thing that my company provides medical insurance and the cost will be covered. I have an uncle who have the same condition as I was back in the Philippines. Because he doesn’t have insurance, my aunt had to ask from friends in Facebook just to be able to get the 2D echocardiogram done. It made me wonder how can they afford an angiography.

Our culture raised us to think that insurance is a waste of money. Up until now, I know people who says “why do I need to pay for insurance, I am healthy”. Well even though I was healthy, I have never been hospitalized and have been sick only twice during my stay here in UAE and that is due to food poisoning. Even if you healty, Make it a habbit to see your doctor regularly.

Types of Insurance

Health/Medical – This is the insurance that covers sickness or other injuries. Make sure to select a policy that covers pre-existing condition. It may be a bit more expensive but it is worth it.

Life – This is the type that ensures that your loved ones are taken care of in case of your death. It normally covers burial costs. A good life insurance policy will also include health cover for major age related illnesses.

Property –  The  type of insurance that ensures compensation when something unfortunate happens to your assets. Here is a tip for Dubai residents from our friends at

Travel – Commonly ignored but very important when travelling, especially if your health insurance is only local. Pick a travel insurance that also covers illnesses or injuries when abroad.

There are many more types of insurance, the four stated above are the most important.

Insurance - Manulife

Manulife – our insurance provider of choice in the Philippines.

It’s time to change how we see insurance. An insurance policy is not a waste of money as it’s for our own protection. It’s for our loved ones protection. If you have money to eat outside, see a movie, buy the latest gadget, drink artisanal coffee, you can surely afford an insurance policy.

We are not affiliated with Manulife Insurance. However, if interested, we can refer an agent who can assist you with requirements. 

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  • Sports Bra is Life

    I think insurance is oftentimes misunderstood especially in our culture. We cannot blame them also because of all the news about scams which causes others to be suspicious and reluctant to such idea.

    But still, I advocate getting insurance with reliable companies in the market.

    One of my concerns when we will go back home in Pinas is the health insurance. So I bought us (my husband and I) an insurance with critical illness coverage.

    I finished my degree (ages ago lol!) from a reputable university with the help of CAP. Perhaps I was one (and got lucky) of the CAP plan holders to enjoy its full benefits. 9 years later, when my sister was in college, she was able to enjoy only the first two years. After that, the problem with CAP started to surface.


    November 14, 2017 at 8:43 AM Reply
  • Alvin | AB&Me

    Just a day after posting this article. The Uncle that I talked about died. Some people would blame poor public healthcare system, but our own health our own future is our responsibility. I think, he could have lived longer if he had insurance.

    July 31, 2017 at 10:22 AM Reply
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