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Super Mom Forum

Little Explorers and KEY Nursery hosted the very first Super Mom Forum last October 30, 2015. When I got the invite, I did not hesitate to register. It’s a forum for all mothers in the UAE where we can share and discuss topics related to motherhood and child rearing. 

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It’s the first of its kind and I’m happy to be part of it. Our topic is all about the advantages and disadvantages of technology in children. Our speaker, Celine Chahine – a psychologist, gave a very insightful talk about technology. 

Technology is not limited to iPad, smartphones, and gaming consoles. Technology is all around us, present in our daily lives. Your flat screen TV, your washing machine, anything! We live at a time that most of the things we do are aided by technology. 

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There are a lot of advantages in raising a techie child. However, after the discussion, I realized that the disadvantages outweighs the good ones. And I can see the effects on Blake. More than anything else, the session was a reality check for me. 

You see, I have let my guards down. I became too lenient. I let Blake hold the iPad a little bit longer so I can “work” (on the blog or my social media accounts) or so I can relax and watch TV.

Next thing I know, she won’t go to sleep unless she cuddle with her iPad! Ouch!! I am to blame. 

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I now make extra effort connect with Blake every way I can. We play, cuddle and talk. I still can’t stop her from watching YouTube videos (oh don’t get me started with those videos!! I will have to make a separate post on that) but at least now she knows when to stop. 

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Anyway, back to Super Mom Forum — 

This event is for moms (and dads!) in the UAE. We will be meeting every last Friday of the month at Little Explorers in City Centre Mirdif. (Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates!) The forum starts at 1030 am and refreshments are served. You can bring your child so they can enjoy the 5 zones in Little Explorers. 

Little Explorers

A mix of education and entertainment for children from 2 to seven with a focus on learning and acquiring skills in a fun, safe environment.

It’s our second time at Little Explorers and I am quite happy with it — for the simple fact that Blake is actually being active rather than staring at the iPad the whole day! She gets exercise, mingles with children her age and she learns at the same time!

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Here’s the small group of moms who attended the event. We are hoping to increase in numbers in the next sessions. You are most welcome to join us next forum! 

Super Mom Forum is an initiative of Dubai Tourism and Majid Al Futtaim – Little Explorers with the help of Key Nurseries. This is not a sponsored post. 

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