ASL is Beautiful

Even when I was still pregnant with Blake, I already knew that I would be teaching her to sign. I researched and looked for resources so I would be able to teach her how to communicate. Here’s a video of her signing:

So cute, right? Of course, I’m biased. LOL. We continued signing until she can really talk. She still knows some signs to date but we rarely use them anymore. She’s very talkative! 

I’m sure by now everyone knows about Adele’s new song — Hello.  If you haven’t heard of it, then check this out.  

Now watch this ASL version of the song. 

Isn’t it beautiful?

Since you won’t “hear” the tone of voice in ASL (obviously), they compensate with exaggerated gestures and facial expressions. I love it. Brings the song to a whole new level, in my opinion. 

Thanks for watching!

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