Simple DIY Diaper Cake

Once upon a time, I made a Diaper Cake. It wasn’t the best looking diaper cake in town but I had fun making it. 


Don’t confuse diaper cake with an actual cake because obviously this one is made of diapers. A friend of mine actually said to me, “ewww!! why would you eat diapers?!!”  I think I did not respond to that because I was busy laughing my head off.


This was back in 2011. I was still pregnant with B. Actual “cake making” did not take long but I spent like a week browsing tutorials in YouTube. I made this for my friend’s daughter’s Christening.  I really think this is a good gift idea specially for babies because they can use everything in this cake (well, except for the ribbons, base and the tube used to hold the diapers).

 For the cake, I used about 64 pieces of newborn diapers, made tiny roses using small towels, and decorated it with ribbons and a ball on top. 

I’d like to do one of these again … who’s interested? 😀

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  • Carla

    This is very posh gift from a very posh mom.

    September 10, 2014 at 2:20 PM Reply
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