What is your blog about?

I get this question more frequent now. I still don’t know what to say. I always fumble for words and I still end up saying the wrong things by trying to make the whole story short. 

I started in 2003

Yes, that’s right. I started around 2003 when I moved to Dubai. I had so much time in my hands at that time that I can be present in so many social media sites and forums. So, if I started early, why is my blog not popular?


Well, I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. Let’s just say that I never really took it seriously. There are times that I would blog almost everyday and then total silence that could go on for months. My blog is also “personal”. I don’t write about politics or religion. I write about me. My life. I do not have tutorials to share, no exciting content. I don’t even know if I had readers back then. Not even my family knows about the blog. I don’t publicize. I’m happy just knowing that I have my space in the world-wide web. 

I’ve had 5 other blogs before, this is my 6th

That’s a lot of blogs, yeah? I left almost all of them because I’d like to think that I am evolving. That I am moving to the direction where I am supposed to. What do I know, right?

I remember someone asking me the same question: “what do you write about?”

I didn’t know how to answer her then because I was transitioning again. So I said, “my blog started out as a nail polish blog because I was so into it at that time and now I’ve included other stuff as well so I guess I write about anything.”




 You should have seen the look on her face. She was looking at me like, meh … another wannabe blogger.  (Of course that’s what I got out of her reaction..who knows what she was actually thinking, right?) I felt bad after that. It was like I shouldn’t be with them because I’m not as popular. (insecurities, right?)



 So, What is my blog about?

Seriously? I’m not sure. I’m still figuring it out. I write about myself, my family, the things we do, our adventures (or lack thereof), anything that I would like to share, basically.

One thing I realized is that I have remained a newbie in this field. And I’d like to take it seriously now.  


Mom, Partner, Sister, Daughter, Friend. Pinay Blogger currently living in Dubai, UAE. I blog about expat life, beauty, food, being a mom … and everything else in between.

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  • Lou-Ann

    I also blog about anything under the sun. So if someone asks, I enumerate the things I blog about. If they criticize me for that, I just think of them as boring little individuals with just 1 thing going for them to blog about.

    September 8, 2014 at 3:15 PM Reply
    • A B & Me

      good idea Lou-Ann … 😀

      September 8, 2014 at 3:46 PM Reply
  • Grace @ Sandier Pastures

    As a blogger, we will always be asked this question (so should have a template-like answer at the ready LOL). Pick up 2 or 3 topics you frequently write and talk about in the blog and focus on that. Say, “I write about personal stories about being a mom or about travel or about the things I love like nail polish (or something)” hehehe that should be alright?

    September 8, 2014 at 11:09 AM Reply
    • A B & Me

      I know I should just keep it short and sweet, right? 😀

      September 8, 2014 at 11:27 AM Reply

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