The photographs are beautiful representations of ideas and thoughts.

Photography is the art of making the moments last a little longer, than they actually do. It is an interesting process involved in many spheres. One of those simply does not exist without it.  For example, advertising is the relatively new industry that constantly co-works with Photography. There is always a New York advertising Photographer taking pictures of a bottle of coke, later to transform it in a new advert. There are so many super cool ideas and effects, the photos are all about today. I have seen a lot of funny ads that have hours of working and planning behind them. People put so much work into creating photographs, because they simply care. The pictures are beautiful representations of ideas and thoughts. A photographer gets to think creatively before pushing the button of the camera. It is all about hard work, dedication, talent and desire. Behind every photo, there was a desire to put out something in the best possible way. It is just the same for the simple amateurs. An average girl that has a profile on a social network makes like 30 pictures of her in order to choose only one that is portraying the best look of her, in order to post it. Photographers at weddings make hundreds, thousands of photos just to get a few good pictures, which are the best. It is our desire and passion that keeps photography going on. Every image is taken with a special purpose, except the ones your phone makes accidentally in your pocket, but sometimes even those have some pretty colors or lights, it depends.

I caught myself so many times thinking about how important is for me to have a specific picture. The girls put make up on and do duck faces, because they want to look good in a picture. Of course every person has an individual idea about what is looking good. In the end, we all try our best for a photo. Photography is a big part of our lives today, we simply cannot ignore it. It is part of our weddings, birthdays, advertising campaigns, fashion magazines and it has a little place inside our souls. I am not trying to be silly right now but photography has what it takes to make a moment infinite. It can make you fall in love, it can make you cry or it just gets your attention for a while.

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