Istanbul : Day 2 Part 1

This post is part of my Istanbul trip in November. I am currently in Dubai (but how I wish I am back in Turkey!)


Our day started with breakfast at the hotel. I was saying “günaydın” to everyone like a broken record. It was agreed that we will be taught 3 words per day. I only remembered one. Günaydın — Good Morning!!


Next in the itinerary is a short (but very insightful) social media presentation at the Turkish Airlines office. 

(Watch out for this guy — yes, this good looking guy — he shows up in almost every pic!)

We were greeted by Wingo at the entrance of the building. He is the official mascot of Turkish Airline. Cute!
After going through scanners and security, we were ushered in a very posh conference room.

The presentation lasted for a at least 20 to 30 minutes. They discussed strategies and the impact of social media on Turkish Airlines operations and services.

Doing what we do best. Twitter and Instagram are our best friends in this trip!

This is “TK 1933”. Turkish Airline’s signature scent. I fell in love with and I still wish I could get one for home.

This is the view outside of the conference room. I love it. Its so … peaceful. (Right now, if I look out the window in my office, I see construction and sand. Can you blame me for loving this view?!)


After the presentation, our sponsors took us to Diveli’s  for lunch. This place is just … [I have no words].

Meet the bloggers in this trip! That’s just half of the group. 🙂

Inside the restaurant, tables were set elegantly. Of course, because I was too amazed, I did not take lots of photos!

But the food is nothing I have tasted before! I don’t like experimenting with food. I eat what I know. But what the hen … I’m in Turkey. Let’s eat!!

Çiğ köfte – Who knew I would eat raw meat? Definitely not me. It was so delish that I did not even notice this is raw meat!!

Here’s the thing, it was also Grace‘s birthday. (Happy Birthday, friend!!) They served cake or should I say … PASTA. Yep! They call cake, Pasta. And pasta is just … macaroni. Are you confused, yet? Never mind, because cake or pasta, it’s perfect!

Dessert. Can you guess what this is? The center is squash. Yes, squash for dessert. MIND BLOWN!! Of course, dessert comes with Turkish coffee.


After a hearty lunch, we went to Turkish Teknik. This is the hangar where the planes go for maintenance and what not.  Security was very tight in this area. Very restricted.


The guy on the left was in charge and he explained how things are done in this area.

He took us around and of course I was once again amazed by the sights. I’m sure is ooohh’d and aaaahhh’d loudly.

There are different hangars with different capacities. Big planes, small planes … 

This part of the tour is very technical for me.

Instead, I took photos. (Sorry, I was not really listening!)

When they asked if we had any questions, I kept quiet. But deep inside, I wanted to ask what shampoo he uses coz … look at those curls!! #sorryimnotsorry

What else to do when touring the hangar?


This is a sponsored trip by Turkish Airline. However, all views and opinions are mine. More photos are posted in Instagram and Facebook. Watch out for  Day 2 Part 2. 


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