Lost my Mojo and Random Stuff

So its been a while since my last post. I am still good. I’m active in Instagram (follow me there, will ya?)

Ramadan Time

During Ramadan, we have shortened working hours. Instead of 8, we only work 6 hours a day. We used to work 9 am – 3 pm, Saturday to Wednesday and 9 am – 1 pm on Thursdays. But because people usually come in late, management decided to make working hours from 10 am – 4 pm. Ugh! I’m happy to wake up and go to work at 8 am and leave at 2 pm! Just like Mr. A who works from 7 am to 3 pm, everyday … Ramadan or not. (Not to mention they have 2 days off!). Plenty of family time!

Anyhoo, you would think that since I spend less time in the office I’d have more time to blog. But no, I come home and be wrestled by B. Happy little B who screams, “Mommy, mommy, mommy!!” (repeat 20 million times) as soon as I step inside the apartment. By this time, Mr. A has already finished cooking. We eat late lunch/early dinner at around 5 pm. We play with B and then I’d change to my running gear and hit the tracks in the nearby park. 

At the Park

Yoga at the Park

I tried to sneak a photo of people doing yoga at the park.

While most of my blogger friends are enjoying Iftar invites and what nots, I decided to skip the sumptuous feasts and just do more exercise. I love going to the park. Nevermind the heat and humidity at this time. (Exercise-wise, everything you do outside is extra effort because of the humidity!) I just love being outdoors, walking quietly with strangers. Sometimes I’d pick up the pace and be huffin’ and puffin’ around. I’m totally enjoying the quiet “me” time. 

Photo 7-8-14 07 07 56 PM

Mommy Princess and Princess B

After some 5 kilometers, I go back home. Wash up and start playing with B again. It breaks my heart just thinking that after Ramadan, we would leave B for long hours again. On normal days, I get home just before 7 pm. We eat dinner and then play till B’s bath time at 8 pm. That’s just not enough! 


Quietly walking with people

I decided to take away the iPad for now. I know I’m raising a techie child but I realized we’re giving her too much time on the iPad that it ruined her sleeping pattern and she became very impatient. We still let her watch TV but no iPad for now…maybe when she’s older … maybe. 

This move is good because it forces me and Mr. A to interact more with B. And I’m amazed at her development! She’s been calling me Mommy Princess and telling me stories of her adventures with Mariana the mermaid (that’s from Dora the Explorer). One time, she climbed up the coffee table and started to talk gibberish while waving her hand. Then she announced, “and that’s my talent show for the day”. (of course that’s what I heard, not sure if she said it exactly that way tho.)

One other time, while I was in front of my laptop, she came up to me and said, “mommy, daddy wants to play … BUT he can’t!”. When did she learn how to use “but” properly?!! 

I lost my Mojo

I have a couple of stuff in my drafts folder and yet I can’t make myself blog. I’ve written down a couple more topics I’d like to write about but the inspiration to write is just not there. I thought I could give this blog more time now that I’m working fewer hours. blah!

I’ve lost it and hopefully I find it again soon. I really miss blogging. I really really do. There was a time when I’d write about anything. Funny joke or conversation? I’d write about that. Family issues? I’d share those! I don’t know what happened. Maybe I got a little paranoid looking at my stats. Knowing that other than my family there are other people reading my blog, I kinda got scared that I might be sharing too much?

I really have to get over this trauma and concentrate on building up my blog. I keep saying that someday I want to live off this blog. Maybe get more sponsors, paid gigs, and travel opportunities. C’mon, let’s be honest here … that’s awesome, right? Getting the perks while doing what you love?

For someone who lost her mojo, this post is quite long. I told you, I missed blogging. LOL!


This is why I love going to the park


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