The Gift

There are times that I would go inside the bedroom and leave Mr. A and Princess B in the living room, playing. It’s not because I don’t like playing with them, no. I have loads of fun with these two but sometimes, an idea strikes and I just want to write about it.  But as soon as I sit in front of the laptop, I would get distracted with something else and eventually forget what I was going to write about. Most of the time I would write down on my small notebook the topic in the hopes getting inspired some other time.  

It was like that the other day. But it was extra special because B came running to me with this:


The Gift


B: “Mommy Princess, mommy princess, open my gift!!”

Her excitement was infectious. I was smiling from ear to ear. This little girl, my baby, was giving me a gift. I know it wasn’t much but just the tought of her making an effort to ask Mr. A to wrap it was enough to melt my heart. She could have given the gift to someone else but she chose me.  Awww!

I opened the gift with so much excitement and I could see that she was happy that I’m happy. I’m so in love with this kid!


The gift is one of her books. 😀

After I opened it and showered her with kisses, she took the book and wrapper to her dad and we did the process again.  This is definitely one of my favorite moments with B.

What’s your favorite moment with your toddler?

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  • Kero Pinkihan

    Mommy Princess suits you well!

    B is so thoughtful at a young age. She will grow up a fine young lady.

    Right now, my son is making all requests like bake cake, we go swim, buy ice cream…..whenever his request is granted – and no matter how i prompt him to say thank you – what he says to us ‘are words ‘Good job.’ …..=D

    July 14, 2014 at 5:39 PM Reply
    • Sheila

      Good Job, Mommy! HAHA

      B is very thoughtful actually. One time I told her that I have ouchie in my tummy … she touched my tummy and said “awwhhh, its ok mommy princess”, then left the room. She came back with a stethoscope and said she’s a doctor. HAAHAHA!

      July 14, 2014 at 5:58 PM Reply

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