Flying with a Toddler

B was four months old when she “experienced” her first plane ride. Well, of course, she did not really experience anything since she was just sleeping and nursing most of the time then. 

For weeks I have been stressed thinking of our vacation. Reservations, travel plans, packing (…I actually packed our stuff 12 hours before our flight!!) and the fact that I will be flying with a toddler. I just know that it will be different. B is much active now. She does not sleep as much so I have no idea what to do during the flight!

Anyhow, we had a very “normal” flight. We did not let B sleep the whole day hoping that she would just sleep and that’s what exactly she did. Slept for most of the flight. That’s good right? Yeah, good for her. Not much for me. B did not want lie down or sit on her assigned seat. I had to carry her the whole time! No sleep for mommy. :/ 

That’s so much better than a crying toddler inside an airplane, yes?  My next challenge was for our short domestic flight going to Davao (that’s where my dad is from). That’s about 2 hours but our flight is in the afternoon and I can’t make B sleep. So, I have to think of how to entertain her inside the plane. We booked a budget airline so in-flight entertainment is out of the question. 

Davao bound

Good thing we have a copy of Frozen on our iPad. That kept her busy for …. 1o minutes! LOLS

Watching Frozen, of course!


Here are some tips I found useful when traveling with a toddler:

  1. Consider the time of your flight. – It is preferable to fly at night time so your little one is sleeping. But sometimes we can’t avoid this (like our flight is at 4AM!) so I improvised. I let the little one play the whole day and night. She was so tired, she slept for most of the flight.
  2. Bring entertainment. – iPad or books or toys … anything that your child enjoys. 
  3. Bring snacks. – I had crackers, some jelly, milk, grapes… anything B can munch on. I put them in small zip lock bags for easy access. 
  4. Bring extra clothing (in your hand bag) – Oh you know, for just in case she makes a mess. 

What other tips do you have for parents travelling with toddlers? (coz you know, I might need that on our flight back!)

We are still on vacation so I can’t really update this blog often. You can check out the Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter for updates. 



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