Blogging, Privacy, and Trauma : Why I Blog

This is a three part post about my blogging experience so far. Read on and I would love to read your comments. 

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Not so long ago, I was introduced to the world of blogging. That was around 2006 … OK, that was slightly long time ago — Where did the time go?! Anyway … I started blogging because I needed an outlet. I had to do something about being homesick and so far away from my family. In a way, my blog is to update my family back home. So I would still feel connected somehow. 

Back then, I would write about almost anything. I’d post photos of things I find funny … like this advert:


Or places that I have been to:

I am and forever will be a FRIENDS fan

Or movies I’ve watched:

Where did you think they hid their food?!


Or food I craved for:

Tikoy! I miss you so much

I also shared photos of me, my family, my friends and the things that we have been doing. Isn’t that what’s a blog about?! I have always been careful not to over share… I still value my privacy (which I will discuss separately).

I loved my old blog. It was free flowing. No pressure. Of course there were times I “disappeared” from blogging. Taking a break is healthy. We have things to do in real life, yes? We should be busy living life, not documenting it. 

Things changed when I learned that I was being attacked in the cyber world.

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Part 3 : Blogging, Privacy and Trauma : The Aftermath

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What are your reasons for blogging?



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