Atlantis – The Palm : Aquaventure

We had the opportunity to be the first group to visit Aquaventure before it actually opened for public. It was in 2008, around September. I  did not know what to expect. I do know that its a very nice water park. 


We picked a spot in front of the river rides … with the perfect view of the Ziggurat, where you can see the Leap of Faith slide.

The river rides were for kids and cowards for those who just wants to relax in the water.

While this monster of a slide is not for the faint hearted. It’s 27.5 meters high and 61 meters long which will only take the rider about 5 seconds to reach the  shark infested lagoon at the bottom. Don’t worry you’ll be inside an acrylic tube.

Leap Of Faith

And yes, I conquered this monster. (on our third visit though… I had to summon enough courage to do it, you know!)

I did spend some time on the river rides where the long river takes to to the rapids and the torrents… basically you ride your tube and be thrashed about in the water. It’s fun. Try it!

This is part of the shark attack ride… you go through dark and twisted tunnels and then end up in this tube where you can swim watch the sharks from within the tank. Its like being inside an aquarium only you are sitting on a floater.

This is part of the river ride… very lazy …

And one more view of the slides. I also rode this monster!

Hey there, Fishy

Then we went to the Lost Chambers. It’s like being inside the ruins of Atlantis itself. It’s a big aquarium/museum with 65,000 marine animals. There are guided tours where you can get fun facts and trivia.

Jelly fish.

And this is me, having fun with another jelly fish version. They really light up.

Love this shot.

Small fishies.

Sadly, we couldn’t find Nemo. 

This is my entry for The Carnival of Weekend Wanderings. Check out what it’s all about here. This weeks host is Nada of Undefined Declarations. Go visit her! 

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