An Expat Reality

Last night we said goodbye to a friend. He had to go home to Manila to complete the process of getting a job in another gulf country. A friend who was always there for us, always ready to help even on his only day off.

Last month he was let go by his employer. He did something out of compassion for his employee which turns out to be circumventing company policy. As a supervisor myself, I understand his situation. He did what he can to help his employee/s in whatever way within his control. Sad to say that there were other employees who felt jealous, reported to management which resulted in all of them losing their jobs.

The sad thing about this is that my friend has his family here. Last night was also emotional for me (although it didn’t show). It is very heart breaking to see a father say goodbye to his family a few days before the New Year just because somebody was jealous of their colleague. I just wish this doesn’t happen to my family.

I admire their courage and tenacity. My friend asked his wife “Are you sure you can manage?” My friend’s wife said, “Yes, Let’s not get beaten by this”. This, for me, shows trust between husband and wife even during a tough situation.

Holiday Rush at Dubai Airport

For us expats, this is our reality. Everything we have, of we thought we have, can vanish in a blink of an eye. All we can do is prepare ourselves, always be aware that all of this can be gone in an instant. Start saving and build that emergency fund. Have a plan on what to do if the inevitable happens.

As a precaution, always follow rules and regulation both of the company you work for and of the country that you live in. Like what I said in our company blog, “Professionalism should always come before friendship, never compromise company procedures and policy for the sake of friendship.” Because you never know what can happen next.

To my friend, you have been there for my family when we needed it, now my family is here for you and we will look after your family. Thank you and stay strong. See you next month, DMM is just half an hour flight to DXB.

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