AB&Me Travels: Las Vegas Day 3, Red Rock Canyon

[This is part of our US trip in March. We are currently in Dubai as of this posting]

Red Rock Canyon


Our last day in Nevada. We checked out early morning and then went to the cafe to “redeem” our breakfast. Our itinerary for the day is to take the scenic drive in Red Rock Canyon before heading back to Los Angeles. 


The drive was around 30 – 45 minutes. I think we took a longer time getting there coz we stopped several times to take photos. 


I mean look at this?! It’s not even the “scenic” drive part yet. 




We reached the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area before noon. Our tour started at the visitor center at the beginning of the loop road. 


The visitor center is a one stop shop for tips on how to make your visit more memorable plus its a great place to learn about Red Rock Canyon and the Mojave Desert. It’s also a place to get your souvenirs and there are rest rooms available (which was good coz I needed to go! LOL)


The scenic route is a one way road about 21 km long. There are side roads and parking areas so you can actually go down and take photos!


This place is popular for biking, hiking and rock climbing. It’s so beautiful. I felt that it’s really a nice end to our month long trip to the US. 


On our way back to California, we passed by Primm again.


This time I made sure I document the moment where my foot is in Nevada and the other is in California! Being two places at one time, CHECK!


We had a quick lunch and went on our way. 


We arrived in California early afternoon. We didn’t really have time to do anything else coz we still have to pack for our flight the next day. 

We had a wonderful time and we look forward to coming back again. 🙂

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