AB&Me Travels: Griffith Observatory & Hollywood Walk of Fame

*This is part of our recent trip to Los Angeles. We’re back in Dubai, in case you’re wondering. :p*

The first 3 days of our trip was spent with relatives. There was a welcome party and a baby shower in between. So much love and fun!

Next on our agenda is going up to the Griffith Observatory. We went there early in the morning just to see the sights. 


Blake and I were still experiencing major jet lag at this point – for some reason, A is totally unaffected — LOL! Anyways, I love it when we drive in the freeways, there’s always something to see. Mountains — green mountains, something that we do not have in Dubai highways. Even Mr. A agrees, it’s a beautiful drive [until we experienced the infamous LA traffic!!]

Griffith Park / Observatory


Welcome to Griffith Park!

We love going to Griffith Park — because, at that time, Manny Pacquiao was still training in the area. We would always joke that maybe this is the day we’ll see him train! Luck was not on our side  :p


Griffith Observatory taken from the right side. 

The Griffith Observatory. A free facility with a view! My sister says it’s amazing at night when you could actually use their huge telescopes. For me, it’s already amazing. Sitting on the slope of Mount Hollywood, you can see Downtown LA, Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean


LA skyline

I was curious as to why there’s a bust of James Dean in the observatory grounds. Apparently, Griffith Observatory was featured in two major sequences in his movie — Rebel Without a Cause (1955) which helped in making the observatory an international emblem of Los Angeles. Griffith Observatory also appeared on several movies and TV shows.


James Dean’s Bust – Hollywood sign at the back!

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Our next stop was Hollywood Boulevard. Good thing we were able to borrow a stroller for Blakey because it really was a long walk! I did not mind though, I was able to cross out an item from my bucket list!!

#51 – Find the name of a star that I know and love in the Hollywood Walk of Fame

I must admit, it was overwhelming. So many stars! Most of them I do not know. I only took photos of those I know (and love — hello, Hugh Jackman! Robert Downey Jr.! Johnny Depp!!) I’m just bummed that we gave up walking before we could find Jennifer Aniston’s star. 



I was like a child in a candy store taking photos of stars and prints while Mr. A was tending to Blakey — bless his heart. When it started to drizzle a little, he said … “we better hurry, it’s already raining and we still have to go to Kodak Theater” 

I laughed. 

We already passed by the Kodak Theater. He was jet  lagged after all. :p

Halliwell Manor

The Halliwell Manor

The Halliwell Manor

Last stop was a quick photo op outside the Halliwell Manor — or as Blake calls it — Halloween house. LOL.

In the series Charmed, the address is 1329 Prescott Street, San Francisco. However, the real house is at 1329 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles. Carroll Avenue is lined with old Victorian-era manors. In fact, the whole 1300 block of Carroll Ave. was listed under the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 (Thank you Wikipedia for the info!!)

If you’re visiting or around the area, do take a photo but be careful as these beautiful houses are actually private homes. One more thing, 1345 Carroll Ave. was used in the final scene of Michael Jackson’sThriller


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  • Abigail

    Weeeee, the travel series is up! Taking notes.

    May 17, 2015 at 7:30 AM Reply
    • A B & Me

      Please go look for Jen Aniston’s star when you’re there!! haha.
      Also, beware of people on the streets handing you stuff (CD’s, balloons, etc … ) they’d expect you to pay. LOL.

      May 17, 2015 at 1:37 PM Reply
  • Grace @ Sandier Pastures

    I love this post!! Are there people living in the Halliwell mansion?

    May 15, 2015 at 11:55 PM Reply
    • A B & Me

      I’m not sure coz there was a group of girls who actually went up to the porch and held the door while taking photos. gutsy!

      The other houses were occupied coz I saw some of them looking at us weirdly. HAHA!

      May 17, 2015 at 10:58 AM Reply

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