AB&Me Travels: WM Creations (Quick Tour)

[This is part of our AB&Me Travels : US Trip last March 2015. I am in Dubai at the time of this writing]


The day started with breakfast at Porto’s. My sister has told me about this place for the longest time. She would send me photos of food that she ate and she keeps telling me that we will dine here when I visit. So there, she kept her promise. 


At 9 (or was it 10 am?) the place was already full. I don’t blame them, the food was good. As usual, we had a hard time choosing because my sissy wanted me to try everything that’s good! HA HA!


I had the classic tuna melt and OJ. I’m boring like that. LOL. I forgot what everybody else had but I remember we brought some home. It’s to be noted that this was not the last time we ate Porto’s.

And there’s a funny/annoying story here …

You see we were still so jet lagged and we haven’t had decent sleep because our schedule was so tight. You can only imagine the crankiness and emotions flying high at the littlest provocation. (yes, that’s mostly me and Blake. LOL)

Anyway, as we were getting in the car, there was some confusion on who’s going with whom and who’s going home (mom had work later that day so she wasn’t going with us to our next stop…for some reason A expected that Blake was going with us… He did not get the memo, I guess). So we were all barking orders while I was getting some stuff from Toto Mac’s (my sister’s bf) car. My dad probably got fed up that he took B’s car seat and went inside the car. 

Toto Mac thought that all doors were already closed that he started backing up … while I was still half in, half out!! My foot almost got run over. I had to walk away coz I was about to scream expletives. LOL. 

To cut the story short, Toto Mac apologized profusely, my parents almost had a heart attack and Alvin decided he does not want to come with us anymore. He went home with my Mom, Blake and Macster. 

I don’t know what good that story would bring but I still decided to share. HAHA!!


5755 Tujunga Ave, North Hollywood

Next stop was a quick tour at WM Creations warehouse. You can find more info on their website: WM Creations Inc. Basically its a make up effects company which is owned by the multi awarded Matthew Mungle and partner.

Disclaimer: there’s a lot of carnage and gore in the next photos. Skip it if you’re sensitive. I was actually told that if I’m queasy I shouldn’t go inside.


Hand Model

Silicone heads and body parts. They look so real!! They use these on movies and TV shows (CSI!)


You might recognize some of these. 


They also kept face molds for future reference.




It was all so interesting and creepy at the same time. It was a good experience for me. You can see more photos on my FB page.

For dinner, we met up with my Lorien who took us the metro station which was really funny because she has never tried the train before. LOL. I ended up showing her how to buy tickets. 

Our first US Metro ride .. actually, our only Metro ride. LOL

 This is cousin Lo. We were at Figueroa and 7th street waiting for our other cousins who would take us to dinner. LOL

We had dinner at Bulgogi House at Wilshire Boulevard also known as Korea Town. We got a bit lost because cousins were looking for Castle 2 but apparently they changed the name already. Same food, though.


Coming from Dubai, we really enjoyed all the pork dishes. I still get shocked when I see alcoholic drinks on sale. Ha ha!!


The food was good and budget friendly since it was eat all you can for a set. I actually wanted to go back here but we did not have time. boo.


Anyways, that’s it for our 3rd day. Next post would be all about Universal Studios!! 

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