A B & Me Travels : Los Angeles (Day 0 – 1)

AB&Me Travels: Los Angeles Series

For someone who has been wanting to visit LA for the longest time, I was the most unprepared. I only started packing our stuff a few hours before our flight.  You see, I still had to go to work a day before the flight. It has been one hellish week at work (let’s just not talk about that … ) and I still wanted to some personal errands the day before we fly out. Instead of doing my personal stuff, I ended up having one of the most emotional conversation with someone dear to me. 

Anyhoo, I came home very late and just started putting clothes in my suitcase. Here’s B “trying” to help. And by “trying to help” I meant she was taking all her  bags out of storage and dumping them inside my suitcase because she wants to bring them all! :p

As soon as I finished packing, I tried to get some sleep which really didn’t help because I only had an hour or so before the alarms went off. This is us inside the cab on our way to the airport. Sleepy much?

As soon as we got to our seats on the plane, I wrote this quick post about our vacation

I told you, I was not really prepared for this trip! It felt surreal. I wasn’t even sure it’s already happening. At first I was just too tired then I realized I was going to see my family at last!   I kept myself busy by watching in-flight entertainment and catching up on some ZZZ’s. When I woke up, I saw this:

North Pole? Seriously? We’re going over the North Pole?  I looked out the window and saw nothing but white. It was blinding. As much as I was amazed to be flying over the North Pole, I was also getting anxious. I actually felt a mild panic attack happening. 

You see, my max hours inside a plane is 8 hours (give or take a few minutes).  Going home to the Philippines? 8 hours (ish). 

Going to UK from Dubai? 8 hours (ish).


Somewhere over Canada … I think

So when the 8th hour struck, I really wanted to get off the plane already. But, unfortunately, Dubai to LA is 15 hours and 45 mins. ::shock::

The above photo was taken a few minutes before landing. By this time, I’m already exhausted. It was around 1 pm LA time which means it’s around 1 am Dubai time. It really messed up my body clock!

Blake just woke up but of course she’s still sleepy. It’s 1 am, after all! But as soon as we landed, she suddenly found all her energy and I knew instantly that I won’t be able to keep up. :p

I have a funny story here. At the Customs, we were being asked usual questions like where we work and how long are we staying. 

Officer: (raising A’s passport, looking at his photo) What do you do?

A: I work for the airline blah blah blah.  (officer stamps his passport)

Officer: (raising my passport, looking at my photo) What do you do and how long are you staying in the US?

Me: I work for an F&B company and we’re staying for a month to visit my family. (officer stamps my passport)

Blake: It’s my turn!!! (loudly!)

Officer: (smiling. raised B’s passport and looking at her photo) So, what do you do?

B: (without missing a beat) I work with my Dora umputer. (She’s refering to her Dora the Explorer “computer”)

Officer: That’s the best job ever. (stamps B’s passport) 

We were just literally a few steps away from seeing my family!! I messaged my sissy that we just passed customs and that we’re collecting our bags. She says she’s waiting for us outside. I guess they’re as excited as I was.  

AB&Me Travels: Los Angeles 1

 Finally, LA.

AB&Me Travels: Los Angeles 2
And the first order of business was:

abme_in n out

I was pretty much useless after this but I my body clock needs to catch up so I resisted sleep. We unpacked and then went to Walmart to get some stuff (allergy meds for A and baby shampoo for B). We ended the night with a quick bite at Del Taco. 

I had to adjust immediately because we were in for a ride. My OC sis and I made a schedule and we intended to follow it to the dot. This was the only preparation we made for this trip because we needed to consider everybody else’s schedules too. So much family, friends and places to cover … so little time!

Watch out for more stories! You can check photos in my Instagram using #abmetravels. 


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  • Abigail

    So happy you got to see your family!
    Ang cute ni B, confident lang sa sagot.

    April 26, 2015 at 5:27 PM Reply
    • A B & Me

      I know!! di ko alam san nakukuha ang confidence. San ba nakaka bili non? I think I need some. HAHA!!

      April 27, 2015 at 10:45 AM Reply
  • Jane

    Ang bibo ni Blake! So cute! 🙂

    April 25, 2015 at 3:06 PM Reply
    • A B & Me

      Haha!! totoo. Pati kami nawindang.
      Alam mo yung kinakabahan kami coz first timers and may fear na baka ma A to A tapos ayun… napatawa ni B yung officer. Haha. Lusot agad.

      April 25, 2015 at 3:55 PM Reply

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