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Top Searches October

Woo hoo!! Winter is coming. LOL! I am loving the weather now in Dubai. The nights are cooler. Soon enough, we won’t be using the A/C  anymore.  I am still in the desert so I’m not going to experience snow anytime soon so I’m just going to post a very “cool” photo (not mine, by the way. Got it from Canva.com) 

Anyhooot, Here’s my top searches for the month of October. (I skipped a month because the search terms are almost the same anyway.)

  1. how to apply for turkish visa in dubai – this search will take you to my post: How To Apply for Turkish Visa for Filipinos in Dubai
  2. pcg dubai, philippine passport renewal in dubai, philippine consulate dubai passport renewal – these searches will take you to my post : Philippine Passport Renewal in Dubai 
  3. sleek lipstick plush – this will take you to my swatch of Sleek True Color Lipstick
  4. cocoa butter – I did a post on Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range
  5. blue heaven lip balm – I also did a post on these Cutey Lip Balm
  6. passport releasing in dubai – the searcher must be looking for Philippine Passport  Collection in Dubai
  7. requirements for passport extension in dubai – Unfortunately, I do not have this information on the blog so not sure how the searcher landed on my site. Hehe
  8. passport releasing dubai june 2014 – Also, I don’t publish passport releasing schedules so … 
  9. how to have turkish visa if you have philippine passport – see link on point number 1. 😀
  10. tresemme shampoo for rebonded hair – erhm, I don’t have a post on this. Sorry. 😀

I noticed that my posts on how to get passport renewed and how to get visas are getting a lot of hits. I hope the readers are getting the information they need and good luck! 😀

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  • Lyn

    Hello AB&Me
    Hope you can help me in my case. I would really appreciate it. I will be going home to have our visa application filed in the philippines since my family is there. But i have a problem. Here in UAE im using my single name. Ive tried to change it but the company said No just attach marriage contract in all my transaction. I even ask the phil embassy last year the time a renewed my passport to change my name but they did not allow since my visa is under my single name.
    So…. sa ds160 form what would i put sa status ko? Single or married? Sa passport ko single kasi. I have my marriage certificate. But my bank account is under my married name. Please help. Thank you

    January 19, 2018 at 7:21 AM Reply
    • Alvin | AB&Me

      You need to sort out your documents. It has to be consistent, the credibility of your visa application is questionable because of your questionable documentation.

      The embassy was wrong by not letting you change your name and status in your passport. The UAE authorities will only use the name as stated in your passport. There is also a process to have your visa changed to the married name once the passport has been changed. Your company was also wrong by not letting you change the name.

      January 21, 2018 at 7:03 AM Reply

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