Review: Cutey Lip Balm

They’re cute! Seriously…
Photo Credit: Blue Heaven Cosmetics

They come in four flavors (strawberry, pineapple, dewberry and green apple). I love that they have this key holder things. I can attach them to my bag or serve as my key chain. Talk about double purpose!

Moving on to the actual review…

I applied the lip balm last night. I found it to be “light” and the scent is so mild. The flavor is not overwhelming too. I hate when my lip product leaves an after taste… well, this one doesn’t. It is really really mild, almost tasteless.

And it did a great job moisturizing my lips!

I’m used to putting Vaseline on my lips as moisturizer and the cutey lip balm is no different when it comes to texture.

cutey lip balm
Right now, my favorite is pineapple. It’s refreshing and sweet! 
Product: Cutey Lip Balm by Blue Heaven Cosmetics
Disclosure: These were sent to me for consideration. This review is based on my experience and my own opinion. For more info, please check my disclosure policy.

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