5 Reasons Why This is Not A Food Blog

I tried food blogging before. I used to post recipes of anything that we have whipped up in the kitchen. And I literally mean anything. Even the burnt ones. (Ha Ha!) Here’s five reasons why this is not a food blog (aka, why I failed in food blogging)

Fudge Brownie Batter

Fudge Brownies


  1. Estimates – I don’t measure my ingredients. For some reason it works for me but it makes it hard to share the recipe. I can’t say a pinch of this and a handful of that all the time, right?
  2. Shortcuts – Aside from “estimates”, I also have a habit of taking shortcuts. You know those people on food TV showing you the measured ingredients on separate cups or bowls? I don’t do that. I just dump things together and mix. (This is also the reason why most of the time my kitchen adventures turn out bad … I don’t always follow the recipe/procedures!) I also don’t like cleaning up so I tend to use very few utensils.
  3. Photography – I suck at it. Almost all of my photos are blurry, out of focus or just unappealing. And that does not go well with food photography. You have to be precise otherwise no one would believe the food tastes as good as you describe it to be. 
  4. Small Kitchen – since we just live in a small apartment, we have a small kitchen. I don’t get inspired working in a cramped area. When I needed the rolling pin, I had to go down on all fours and reach the farthest corner of our cupboard. Just thinking about it tires me so I don’t think I would bake something that needs a rolling pin in a long time. 
  5. Calories – I have gained so much pounds that working in the kitchen scares me. I can really whip up a really nice dessert or a wonderful meal in no time, but that will only encourage me to eat and eat. Not good for my goal to lose weight. 
These are just 5 (lame) reasons why this is not a food blog. I know some of these habits can be corrected. And whenever I follow the recipe to the dot, they turn out good. So I know the problem is with me, not the recipe. (Ha ha!).
If you are a newbie in the kitchen, here’s a tip for you: 
Read the recipe. Understand the steps. Prepare your ingredients and just do it. — Believe me, you’ll feel good once you’ve done your first dish.



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