I’m Still Here!!

Ohaii!! Yep, I’m still here. Very much alive and well. I’ve been a whole lot busy the past weeks, though. And to be honest, I’ve been having bloggers block. I couldn’t even post Wordless Wednesday photos. As I’ve said, I’ve been busy. Work has been toxic. I really really need a break. A nice long vacation sounds very nice. But we all know that’s not happening. So … 
Back here in Casa BabyMama, I did some serious baking. Here’s my fudge  brownies:


Sorry, no photos of the finished product because … well, I forgot. And it was gone in just a matter of hours!

Here is my first attempt at peanut butter cookies:


I just got the recipe from a Crisco box.


And because this is my first attempt, most of the cookies were burned at the bottom. (LOL!!) I was so sure that the cookies were not done yet because they were still “wet” on top. But then again the edges were already crisp…it was confusing. Whatever, it’s still delish!
I also made Ensaymada, but that did not turn out well so not worth posting photos. 
What else?
Hmmm, B has rejected the potty chair once again. For some reason she doesn’t want to make wee wee there. We’ll try again after some time. 
That’s it, pansit!  Till next post!!
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