Yoga – ing

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I have always wanted to try Yoga.  It seems so … zen. I watched youtube videos and tutorials online so I can practice at home, but I was hesitant to do most of the poses thinking that I might be doing it wrong and break my back or something. 

At first, B would watch me doing the basic poses like down dog or child pose (love those poses coz it really helps with my back). Then, one day, she took out the mat and said … “ser-size… ser-size” (exercise). 

She totally nailed the down dog pose. πŸ™‚

I took advantage of discounted yoga sessions in one of those group buying sites so now I’m officially doing yoga at a proper studio. I go there everytime my schedule permits. Otherwise, I try to follow Tara Stile’s youtube tutorials at home. 

So wish me luck and I hope this time I will lose all of unwanted weight (hehehe) so that next time I can try swing yoga or even pole dancing. =P

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