Yaya Diaries : The Final Saga (hopefully)

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Finally our permanent yayay is here! It took her 4 months to get here, my guard!!

So after “nanay”, we had to take another temp. This is Yaya 5. I like her very much, she’s very “masipag” and I don’t have to tell her what to do. The only problem I had with her is her habit, she smokes. boo!! But everything else is all good. Too bad we can’t keep her. She’s still with us though, until she gets her papers done to go back home.

Yaya 6 is still adjusting. Blake is not. LOL!
I think because Blake has been passed on to different care takers, she’s used to going with whoever is there.

Hopefully this is the end of our Yaya woes.

*crossing fingers*

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