Yaya Diaries : Part 2

I opened my blog list today and most of them are about yaya stories! I think this is a sign for me. *sigh*

A few weeks ago I blogged about our yaya woes (Yaya Diaries : Part 1).  It saddens me that “Nanay” is leaving us soon. She has to go back to her original “alaga”. Haay!! Blake is so used to her now and I’m very comfortable having Nanay around. She takes care of everything! She even takes care of us.

What concerns me more is that Yaya #5 is still far from finishing her requirements so she can fly here. You see, her husband died two weeks ago. As much as I feel sorry for her, we still need her here! We gave her more than a week to finish whatever she has to do. She confirmed that she still wants to come here and work, especially now given their current circumstance.

But since she just started doing her employment papers (whatever crap we OFW’s have to do before leaving the Philippines), I don’t think she’ll be arriving before Nanay leaves.  That means I have to look for a temporary yaya again!

Ooohhh, my head hurts just thinking about the hassle. One, I will be letting a stranger in our house again hoping that she’s trustworthy and good with babies. Two, Blake will have to adjust again. My baby is in her most kulit stage. Grabbing and pulling everything. Eating whatever she gets her hands into. Squirming and twisting all the time since she’s very curious. I just hope that whoever is going to take care of her would be very patient.

Having read Frances’ , Mommy Fleur’s and Cai’s blog post about their yayas, my hormones are in overdrive. I can’t wait for this nightmare to be over so we can just all go back to regular programming.

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  • Ronnie Maurillo

    I suggest since pansamantala lng naman, why not try to ask for help of a relatives like your mother or father para d mahirapan mag-adjust ung anak mo. Looking for Household Yaya is easy but it’s hard to find trustworthy Household Yaya.

    October 6, 2012 at 2:09 PM Reply
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