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I was invited to experience 4DX at City Centre Deira last week. Of course I said yes. This is the kind of invite I will not pass! We love movies. Me and the bitter half would watch movies and TV series all the time … well, ok … most of the time – together. That’s our bonding.Usually, we just watch at home (its not hard to download stuff, you know). But if there’s a movie that we really really like, we make sure that we watch it in the cinema. It’s different when you watch it in the big screen with all the nice sound effects. It just takes you to a whole new level, yes?

Here’s me, trying to capture the crowd behind me. Ended up focusing on the guys. Sorry. If this is you and you want me to remove your photo, please let me know!

We waited for some time. I don’t really know what caused the delay. It’s probably because of the rain. :p
Here’s the CEO of VOX Cinema trying to explain the first of its kind technology in the UAE.
He gave us some info on how 4DX would work. It would be just like being “in” the movie. The chairs would move, we will be able to smell the scents, we would be sprayed water … or
This was shown before the movie started. Quite late, don’t you think? What if I’m injured (and stupid) and still went inside 4DX? Or maybe I missed the disclaimer outside? Anyway, I am fit to watch and enjoy the movie so … it doesn’t really matter, right?The movie was Fast 6. And boy, it was indeed an experience. There were a couple of scenes where I almost jumped out from my seat. And I believe I used some swear words too. LOLS. (sorry!!) Imagine watching a horror film in 4DX!! I would die, for sure.
Verdict: It is definitely an experience you should not miss. Although, I got disoriented in some parts of the movie. Like when Vin Diesel was getting punched and I can feel the punch. It’s like an out of body experience. It’s like I’m “in” the movie but not really because I can see the person getting punched. Am I making any sense?This is not the first time for me to go on a 4D ride. The first time was in Istanbul and that one really showed the experience from the first person point of view. But then again, its not easy to do that in an actual movie.If you want to try, 4DX is available at VOX Cinemas in City Centre Mirdif and City Center Deira. They have about 30 – 40 movies in a year so you can be assured that you get to watch your favorite new movies in 4DX too.

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