Viral Video of the Day: It’s Too Heavy!


My first reaction: This video is annoyingly funny. Yes, annoyingly funny. I was not happy with the child’s behavior. Then I remembered, SHE IS A CHILD. They pull all kinds of tantrums and drama. 
I took deep breaths and thought of WHY I am annoyed. The conversation in my head went like this:

Me: Well, she’s not that far from the sink! The bowl is not too heavy … it is not heavy at all. If she had just picked up the bowl and put it in the sink without any drama, she could have finished the task in one minute! I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THAT KIND OF STUNT. 
Other ME: Well, this is not about you, is it? This is a tired toddler and this is normal behavior. 

See what happened there? “I” was thinking of me!! But this is not about me. This is about teaching the child. I really admire the father for sticking to his guns and patiently encouraged his daughter to finish the task. This is something that I would have to remember when my Little One starts her drama.

There were violent reactions to this video too. People were saying that the child should be spanked. (Do you think she needs to be spanked? I don’t!!) The worst I would do is do the task myself, but I that it will only encourage bad behavior so I need to practice patience!!

Hay, parenthood. It really is hard work.

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