Update: 31 August 2011

[I can’t think of a better title for this post… duh]

Technically, this is my second check up with Dra. Jocelyn Mariano. First time was last Monday. I got so worried about my swollen feet that I just went straight to her clinic without even bringing my “medical file” from Dubai.

She was really nice and accommodating. Dra. Mariano said that my baby is fine and she wants to do a urinalysis testhingamajig. So I went back to her clinic today. Test was ok and this time I did not forget my medical file.

She said I have nothing to worry about and she’ll see me again after 2 weeks.

As soon as I left the house, it started raining really hard!! Then it died down when I reached the hospital. When it was time to go home…. it started raining again!! This time the roads were flooded. ARGGHH!


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