How to Get Entry Permit: Residence Visa Holders who Stayed out of UAE for 6 Months

There are many expatriates who are residents in UAE. In general, expatriate residents should not be outside the UAE for more than 6 months in order for their residence visa to remain valid. A special entry permit is required to be able to return to UAE after six months.

There are circumstances that going back to UAE every 6 months is just not practical. This procedure applies to the following:

  • Foreign wives of UAE nationals
  • Domestic workers accompanying local students who are studying or undergoing medical treatment abroad
  • Expatriates seeking medical treatment outside the country along with those in their company
  • Those who are employed in the UAE public sector and are overseas for work or sent abroad on training courses

Entry Permit

Six months is not actually 6 months

UAE immigration calculates six months as 180 days. This means that a resident with a valid visa should return to UAE before 180 days. They will not able to return to enter UAE after 180 days without a special permit.

How to get an entry permit after six months away from UAE

  1. Go to a typing centre and ask for an Arabic letter address to Immigration. It should state that the resident has been away from UAE for 6 months or more and request for an entry permit.
  2. At least 15 days before arrival in UAE, submit the letter to the Immigration along with dependent passport copy / visa page copy and flight details. Salary certificate or Trade License is also required.
  3. Get approval from immigration by paying Dhs.130/- per person (if dependent completes 6 months out of country); however 7 months onwards will be charged 100 AED extra for each month.
  4. Entry permit must be sent to the dependent. It will be required by the Airline during check in. 

No other action is required once back inside the UAE. It starts all over again the next time a resident leaves the country with a valid residence visa.

If a resident is mostly outside of the UAE, it may not even be practical to maintain a residence visa. Obtaining a tourist visa have never been easier.

The above instruction is the current known process and subject to change.

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