Tried & Tested: Izil Detoxifying Body Mask Powder

I’ve wanted to try this for weeks now, I just didn’t have the time.  During the month of Ramadan, I kept myself busy with Princess B and dedicating at least 1 hour of my time going to the park to jog. Then our nanny had to go home, that means I had to give up my short everyday “me time” and just concentrate on B. 

Anyway, enough of the “excuses”! I finally had a chance to try this all natural detoxifying clay. 

Izil Detoxifying Body Mask Powder

IZIL is a Berber word that means “pure

It is a highly effective natural cosmetic brand, made in Morocco and which products are made from organically certified highest quality Argan Oil, together with other natural, pure and rare ingredients.

The detoxifying mask is the second treatment in the Hammam ritual. The clay is a combination of Rhassoul Clay and 7 essential oils that help free cells of their toxins, restoring them to their purest, most vital, youthful state. 

The process is a bit messy but its worth it. Mix the powder with a little warm water (or Rose water if you’re feeling a bit fancy) to create a paste. The packaging says NO fragrance but I can smell roses and earth (duh, its clay!). I guess they meant that it doesn’t have artificial fragrance in it. 

Apply a thin layer of the paste on your body (in my case, I tried it on my hand because I can’t do my whole body. It would be really really difficult to run after a toddler when you’re covered in mud!), preferably after exfoliation. Leave it to dry for 1o minutes. 

Izil Detoxifying Body Mask Powder


The clay mask is cold and as it hardens, I felt my skin tightening. No itchiness. I washed it off with warm water. 

Left Hand: after the treatment. Right Hand: No treatment

Can you see a difference on the above photos? My hand was a bit red after removing the clay but it cleared up just after a few minutes. My left hand looks whiter, doesn’t it? It’s also clearer and less wrinkly in person! 

Check out their website for more information on these products. You can follow Izil Natural Argan Beauty on Facebook and Instagram. Products are available in Dubai Festival City and Madinat Jumeirah Souq

Have you tried Izil Beauty products? Which ones do you recommend?

I would love to try their Multi-purpose Argan Oil … I’ve heard it works wonders on the hair! (and I need all the help with my hair, right?!)

Note: this product was given to me for review purposes, however, all opinions are mine. 

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