The OPI Saga Continues

As I’ve already mentioned, I am not fond of buying anything online. Even my recent fascination with nail polishes did not push me to e-shopping overdrive! Aside from the fact that I had a bad online shopping experience, the cheap gal in me is stopping me from buying anything! Maybe because I know that I’ll get hooked.

Although I am not really affected by the whole OPI – Transdesign drama, its still good to know the story behind everything. People were already boycotting OPI and putting a ban on OPI swatches on their blogs. I found out that the reason why OPI is suing TD is because of copyright infringement

Check out Carinae’s post about it. She has a link to the full copy of the complaint.

While it is good that OPI is protecting their brand and customers, a lot of nail polish fans are not happy because of the price and distribution of OPI.

What are your thoughts about this??

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  • shoutingwind

    Eh at fault din naman pala talaga ang Transdesign dun sa issue na yun. Eh yun lang, wala na murang makukuhanan ng NP.
    Sabagay mura pa din naman dito, pero… panget naman ng mga kulay. puro luma.LOL

    Isa pa yan sa ayaw ko sa online shopping, baka maganda lang sa pic. πŸ˜€

    May 3, 2010 at 9:17 AM Reply
  • ThRiSzHa

    waaaaaaaa…. hmmm.. most of my china glaze are bought in TD..hehehe medyo mahal nga lang ang shipping nila… waaaaaaaa… minsan panget tlga kapag online buying.. kz minsan maganda lang sa pic pero IRL shonget pala!!! hahaahha

    May 3, 2010 at 9:11 AM Reply
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