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After 2 wordless wednesdays, I’m finally writing about me. Baby Mama. Actually, this blog should be renamed … The Cranky Mama Blog. 

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I still haven’t gotten over the last episode. Not because Blake is being difficult but because I realized that I, too, have been cranky lately. I am always tired. Always whining and always short tempered. I don’t like it. In fact, I HATE it. 

I hate not being able to play with Blake. I hate that I feel that there’s a lot of things I should be doing and still end up not doing it! I need more time! more strength. more patience? It’s really difficult being a working mother. It’s not easy leaving the little one in the morning when she’s just ready to play the day away. When I get home, she’s already tired and ready to sleep. But because she missed me and daddy… she would fight sleep just to stay up and play!

I work from 9 – 6 (ok not exactly … 10 – 6 is more accurate) from Saturday to Wednesday and 9 – 3 on Thursdays. Half day on Thursday. Like an extra finger on your right hand… (not that it’s a bad thing, the extra finger, not the shortened work day). Why work 5.5 days? We don’t leave on time anyway, its almost like working for 6 days! Arrgghh!! 

See, I’m whining again. 

Thursday is useless – family bonding time-wise. And because the nanny has to go on her day off too, I end up being nanny-less on Fridays. No days off for me, yes? So where do I find time to do the things I need to do?





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