Siri is Missing!

One day I just decided to play with Siri. I pressed the home button and it took me to Voice Commands. It’s not Siri. 
I spent half an hour looking for Siri but she’s gone! Siri should be in Settings > General
Iphone4s Settings Siri


> Siri. But no Siri!! Why?
Iphone4s Siri


I can’t believe Siri is gone. I had to find her. 
This is what happened. 
I recently updated my software version and apparently it changed some settings. To find Siri you have to go to: Settings > General > Restrictions:
Iphone4s Siri Settings
Under Restrictions, you’ll find options to turn Siri on and off. Flip it back on and voila!
Iphone4s Siri
Siri is back. 
Iphone4s Siri Settings

SIRI is back!!

Once you find Siri, you can change the language and have fun! 
French Siri

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