Ripe Market and Nosebleeds

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Finally got the chance to visit Ripe Market in Zabeel Park last Friday. It was past 10 am when we got there so there were lots of people already. We couldn’t find parking so we had to walk going to the park. It was so crowded I didn’t know where to start! 

And for some reason, it was a bit hot that day. ugh!  First order of business is to stop by Green Beauty Box booth. (Good thing they were just in front!) I finally got my brush tree and I was given some samples of Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil. (Will post a review soon!)

Next booth was selling fresh coconuts. Of course, I got one for myself…. only because A and B are not fond of coconut juice. *eye roll*

I wasn’t able to buy anything else after that because B was being extra clingy. We decided to bring her to the playground and at the Tamimi Stables booth where kids were allowed to pet some animals (for a fee, of course). We just lurked outside the fence because B’s skin was acting up and I didn’t want to irritate it even more. By this time, Mr. A went out to get the car coz obviously he wasn’t enjoying and I’m getting tired (heat and a clingy toddler, not a good combo!) 

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While waiting, I decided to get some “Rice-Cream” … yeah, rice / ice cream! A new concept, apparently. I found a place to sit and the next thing I know blood was gushing from B’s nose!!


Good thing Mr. A was not around, otherwise he’d be panicking like crazy! (He hates blood) I kept calm and wiped B’s face with a wet cloth. Pinched her nose for a bit and then I just let her rest. I made her drink more water then we went to the first aid station where they gave me some gauze. (yes, gave me gauze and that’s it …. wait, they told me to put ice on B’s head and that’s it)

Mr. A called to say he’s already waiting and that we should go just meet him outside. I had to walk a good distance while carrying B and some bags. As soon as I got on the car, I felt my body crash. I’ve never been so tired!! Lesson learned:

1. Go to the Ripe Market early.
2. Don’t bring Mr A unless he is in a good mood!
3. Make sure the weather is good.
4. Be extra attentive to B because sometimes being clingy means she’s not feeling well.

I’ll try again some other time, who wants to come with me?

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