Review: Pacca’s Carousel

Blake loves to watch Peppa Pig and Pocoyo. She loves them so much that she calls me “Mommy Pig”. I don’t mind because by watching, she learns new words. (Have I told you that she has a slight British accent? Amazing, right?)
I also have a few apps on my iPad for her to “play” with. One of them is Pacca’s Carousel.
Pacca's Carousel

It’s a cool app for children from 2 – 5 years old. With this app, they can learn new words, how to count, learn about colors. They also have puzzles!

Aside from counting and logic games, your child can also learn a new language. Currently it has English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Cantonese with more languages to be added soon. You can also choose from EASY and HARD versions.
Pacca's Carousel - Words
I Like:
– That it has different languages. Blake now recognizes colors in Spanish.
– It’s colorful and easy to use. Great for toddlers!
– Maybe it can be more interactive. I noticed that Blake finds the game repetitive (maybe too much) and she loses focus.
Overall, it is a nice app especially if you want your child to learn a new language. You can check Pacca’s Carousel in iTunes.

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