Red Glitter Franken

This is one of the franken polish that I got from Thriszhia of Fab Ur Nails. She got these from Maestra (Parokeets) and she generously shared some in tiny little bottles for me to swatch.

Really sweet!!

This franken particularly reminds me of China Glaze Ruby Pumps (I don’t have Ruby Pumps to actually compare, I’m just basing it on swatches I’ve seen online)


This one is a bit dark due to poor lighting

Love love love!

Franken or Frankenpolish is the result of mixing different color polishes or adding glitters and/or pigments. Have you tried making your own franken? I want to try it out but I’m still not inspired (plus, I don’t know how to start, where do you put it? where do you mix? is it going to be messy?) I need to do more research on this.


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