Rash Free with RASHFREE

One other thing that I planned when I give birth is that I’m going to use cloth diapers on Blake. I bought tons of “lampin” to use. I was prepared for the endless nappy changing.

That’s what I thought.

Since Blake is breastfed, she would poop easily. One sneeze, there goes the poop. She doesn’t fart… she sharts (shit farts). She pees a lot too. After a day, I gave up on cloth diapers.

But because she’s constantly on disposable diapers, Blake developed rashes. Her bum bum is always red. =(
I asked my sister in L.A. to ask our cousins what they used for their babies.

Love the name! Butt Paste

My sissy sent a tube of Butt Paste, she says it works wonders. I tried it on Blake and voila! No more redness. The main ingredient of this product is Zinc Oxide. It is a skin protectant that acts as a physical barrier to keep the skin dry especially when exposed to wet diapers for long hours.


Zinc Oxide is also the main ingredient of RASHFREE.

I was given a sample of Rash Free to try and it works just the same. What I love about this product is that its manufactured locally. I don’t have to buy online or ask relatives to send butt products!

Zinc Oxide ………………………… 200 mg (20%)

RASHFREE is used for:
– the prevention and treatment of diaper rash by preventing wetness from coming into direct contact with the skin.
– promotes healing of minor skin irritations, non-infected wounds and burns, abrasions, cuts, chafed skin and sunburn.

To use:
+ change wet and soiled diaper accordingly.
+ clean the diaper area and let it dry.
+ apply RASHFREE as often as necessary, with every diaper change especially at bedtime where the skin is exposed to wet diapers for long periods of time.

Blake is rash free with RASHFREE.

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