Quickie: Bed and Bathroom

Now that I got your attention, I just want to share these wonderful soya scented candles that were carefully hand made by my very awesome friend, Smile.

Smile loves candles. She collects them. She uses them as giveaways. So she decided to make her own line of soya scented candles. Smile calls her baby AMBER LIGHTS LAGUNA.

I bought two variants when I went to the Philippines during my vacation. Country Meadows and Banana Nut Bread.

Country Meadows is currently in my bathroom. Just having it there makes a whole lot of difference. It’s just an amazing scent. I can’t describe it.

Banana Nut is in my kitchen. People think I’m baking every time I light up this candle. The aroma of freshly baked banana bread just fills the whole apartment.

You have to try it. You can visit Amber Lights Laguna website for more information and how to order. Highly recommended!


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