My Stash: The Untried

I still have a handful of untried nail polishes and its just sitting there, gathering dust. Since the start of the year, I got no urge to paint my nails. Hormones, I guess.

A couple of pre-loved Revlon polishes.

My first bottles of Catrice polish – a gift from Thine.

A mini bottle of Estee Lauder polish.

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear. I’ve been wanting Mellow Yellow for the longest time. So when I saw this at a mall, I immediately bought them without thinking. I have actually swatched these but I can’t seem to make it work on me. *sad*

A gift from Sol. From the OPI Burlesque Collection … Rising Star and Take the Stage.

While rearranging my stuff, I found out that I have TWO Barry M polish with the same shade! And I don’t even have the name for it.


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