Tried and Tested: MoskiShield

Sorry for being MIA for a long time. Just to keep you posted, I already gave birth to a healthy baby girl hence my world is upside down. Days are turned into nights. I’m sure you know what I mean.

And because I’m too busy with my baby, I have no beauty products to review, post, or drool upon. I am so out of the loop nowadays. However, I have this wonderful product that works really well for me and baby.

MoskiShield – Mosquito repellent patch.

I got it from National Bookstore (which I thought was weird… … ). One box contains 24 patches that comes in different cute characters.

I love the piggy character. LOL!

MoskiShield contains citronella oil and lemon eucalyptus oil. It is DEET Free and FDA approved. It is suitable for adults and children (1 year and above, says the box). One patch should last up to 24 hours.

How to use:

  1. Peel the self adhesive patch from the paper backing. 
  2. Attach the adhesive side to your clothes or a location close to your body (edge of a table or bed)

Since I have a newborn, I placed the adhesive on my baby’s pillow. A new adhesive will have a strong scent hence I advise that you don’t put it on your baby’s clothes. If you must, then I suggest as far as possible from the nose…like at the hem of the trousers or blanket.


If I’m not mistaken, I got this pack for PHP 100 (or 150… I can’t remember!) Based on my experience, the patch did last for 24 hours. Maybe because we don’t go out of the room that much so the scent was confined inside the room.

For me, this is really a must have, especially now that it’s rainy season.


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