Monthly Check-up – 7 August 2011

Baby is all well. Growing as she’s supposed to.

We got the results of my blood test from last time and my blood count is lower and blood sugar is high. I’m not yet considered diabetic but as they say, I’m almost there.

The doctor requested for another set of blood tests today. I had to fast before the test. That means no food, no water till the test is done.

We arrived at the clinic at 9 am. Blood extracted by 9.30 am. I was allowed to eat after that but I had to wait for two hours to do another blood sugar test.

Good thing I had my PSP with me. After a lot of patapon moves, I got the results. Again, they needed more tests because the results were not “normal”.

Had to see another doctor that explained my new diet.

Rice, pasta and potatoes should be no more than 1/4 of the plate. Fish or chicken should be 3 tablespoons, max. More veggies, less dairies (should be low/non fat). [ That is not the way to live! aaargh. ]

Also, I was advised to get a new gadget:

A glucometer. Must monitor my sugar levels regularly.

I can’t wait to go home… I can’t wait to see my baby. I hope we do fine.

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