Mommy Break

Being a mom is a full time job. Whoever said that is definitely NOT joking!

My life now is confined inside our own little bedroom. The most I could do for myself is update my FB status in between feeding, pumping and diaper changing. [no, I don’t announce in facebook that my baby pooped and I’m cleaning her]. I do get help from our nanny and sometimes cousins would come visit.

Yesterday I had to do some errands so I took the opportunity to have some “ME” time. I met with my old friend Faye. We delivered our babies one day apart. We both had c-sections. She has a boy and I have a girl. It’s just too cute not to pair them up. LOL!

We shopped for toys and baby stuff. We talked about breastfeeding and more baby stuff. We were able to buy stuff for ourselves too. When we got tired, we sat down, had coffee and did a lot of catching up.


Having a “mommy break” is not selfish. We all need a break sometimes.

When the long day was over…I couldn’t wait to be with my Blake. I missed her so much….


and my boobs were aching! LOL

PS. – I was able to pump about 9 oz from both breast.


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