Models Own : Velvet Goth Collection

Look what I found in my mail!
Models Own Velvet Goth Collection
New Velvet Goth Collection – five intensely inky pigmented colours each with an extraordinary 2D finish! 


Valerian – A rich bottle blue
Amethyst – A royal purple
Obsidian – A deep charcoal grey
Sardonyx – A blood scarlet red
Absinthe – A burst of deep emerald green

Matte yet sparkly at the same time, each shade applies glossy and dries down giving a multi-faceted effect that can be seen, but not felt. Quick-drying, and formulated with the finest glitter shapes and sizes, to achieve the ultra smooth sprinkling of sparkle and velvety finish. Topped off with funky limited edition, colour-matched fuzzy velvet caps!

The limited edition velvet bottle cap really got to me (LOL). I have never tried matte and textured finish yet so these are going to be on my list to try. These are out by August 24 (in the UK).
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