Istanbul Day 2 Part 2

This post is part of my Istanbul trip in November. I am currently in Dubai. Check out Day 1 Part 1, Part 2 and Day 2 Part 1


Next stop is the Turkish Flight Academy. Those who know me would know how much I want to be doing actual training here. Yep, wanted to be an air hostess when I was younger. (Still do)
This is where flight staff go for training. 

This is me ^ . Listening intently because this is the closest I can get to be a  flight attendant. LOLS!

You have no idea how much I want to go down that slide! I actually asked the lady if I can try. LOLS!!

There was actual training when we got there. It was so fun to watch. Here they are being taught how to open/close the door of a Boeing 777.

These are the flight simulators. Pilots train on these and each session would last up to 4 hours. Everything is so high tech over there!!

We asked if we can go in and try the simulators but they are all fully booked. Also it costs a lot of money for each session so it will not be a good decision to let us “play” with the equipment. LOLS


After the tour, we were given the (late) afternoon off. This means we can now roam Istanbul on our own. The group didn’t really have plans so we ended up splitting from everyone. Four of us went to Bakirkoy district.

First thing we did was go inside Capacity Shopping Mall. One, because we needed to buy some stuff and two, it was so cold outside! When you have been in a country where booze is not readily available, this section of the mall would really shock you:

I’m just in love with this place.

Here I am with Maisoon & Ansam.

And here’s Grace with the girls. I’m so glad we all decided to go together.

This was taken before our dinner arrived. Dinner is Doner Kebab. I have no idea what that is but I was happy to try.

Later on I realized that Doner Kebab is the same thing as Shawarma. You can choose to have the meat wrapped in flatbread, pita or as a sandwich. Obviously I chose sandwich. That’s my Doner Kebab.

If you look closely at the photo, you will see mayonnaise and ketchup on a piece of paper. That has a funny story behind it.

While we were busy taking photos of our food, Maisoon started testing the condiment bottles (makes sense coz you don’t want ketchup exploding on your sandwich, right?) Anyway, we enjoyed the food and the stories. When it was time to pay, the waiter took that piece of paper. Apparently that was our bill. LOLS!!

You should see everyone’s reaction… its just one of those “you-have-to-be-there” kind of moment!

The cold night was balanced off with the smell of warm street food.

Of course the walk wouldn’t be complete without checking out the coffee and dessert shops. Here we were treated to free Turkish coffee and some Turkish Delight. 

Never in my life I have tasted Turkish coffee before this trip. It kinda grew on me. I welcomed the strong, warm coffee as it was a cold, cold night.


After about 2 (or maybe 3) hours of walking, we went back to the hotel. I ended the day with a warm bubble bath and a little light reading and some tea before going to bed.

While everyone else was out enjoying the Istanbul night life, I was drowning in my own bliss. Never mind that I missed some mean waffle pancakes (check out Ishita’s post on Ortakoy), I am happy that I had a chance to have some “me” time for I know when I go back to Dubai, I will never have this moment again. 
This is a sponsored trip by Turkish Airline. However, all views and opinions are mine. More photos are posted in Instagram and Facebook. Watch out for  Day 3. 

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