Istanbul : Day 1 Part 1



 My very first view of Turkey is this. Taken from the plane, looking out of the window. I can’t contain my excitement and awe that I had to tell the person beside me who was sitting on the window seat to bend a little so I  can take a picture. Grainy photo but I’ll take it.


We arrived at the hotel early (at least early for check in/check out). The hotel was fully booked so we had to wait for our rooms. The wait didn’t really bother me. Until I realized how tired I was.

This was my home for the next three days. I was the only one in the group who was given a room on the left wing of the hotel. I was bummed. But then again, this was my view:


While most of the people in my group had the Istanbul Airport as their view, I had this. I did not complain anymore. (plus, the restaurant was on the same wing so … )


A world renowned gourmet in flight catering service serving the Turkish market since 2007, operating nine gourmet kitchens across the country and catering for over 60 national and international airlines. 

I’ve never flown business class or first class before. The next part of our trip was quite a treat. Here in Turkish Do & Co, they have facilities for cabin crew training. They have three classrooms:

– B 777 First Class
– A-340 Business Class
– B 737 Economy Class

Here, they have the original galley designs and equipment with real food training and service style simulations.

They actually have “Flying Chefs” on board during long haul flights. These chefs oversee the process of food preparation and ensures 100% quality of service to guests.

The food served in Turkish Airline is nothing like what I’ve had before. It’s not like “airplane food”. (Photo above) Instead of mashed potato, they served us mashed eggplants? I’m mind blown! LOLS

After the lunch treat inside a mock airplane, we were ushered to their kitchens. This is where all the magic is happening.

They prepare around 125,000 150,000 meals per day, servicing more than 60 airlines. That’s a lot of food!!

Pastry section. OMG! I have no words. If I could, I would jump inside the vat of creamy filling!

After the kitchen, we were toured inside the main control office. That is where they monitor all activities from forecasting, preparation, packing and loading.

It will never be just “chicken or beef?” for me.

This is a sponsored trip by Turkish Airline. However, all views and opinions are mine. More photos are posted in Instagram and Facebook. Watch out for part 2.

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