Hunger Games

I have to admit, I only learned about THE HUNGER GAMES about a week ago. I saw that it was trending in twitter and a lot of buzz in facebook and other networking sites. Suffice to say, I got curious and started reading the book.

I can’t say I’m in love with it … in fact I find it too shallow (or maybe I just can’t relate…. and this is coming from someone who went “gaga” over a vampire novel! As if I could relate to THAT! LOL) Maybe I need to see it in the movies first.

Then I heard from Sol that the Hunger Games (Capitol) collection from China Glaze is her fastest selling collection nowadays. Hmmm…. There must really be something here. I looked it up online and got these:

I’m really liking Dress Me Up. A very nice dusty rose color. Very feminine. Love! And of course, the only matte polish in the collection: Stone Cold!

Anyhow, you can check out swatches here:

All Lacquered Up


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